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"Use All The Crayons!"

Brace yourself: Sometime in the next 3 hours, your inbox will become the recipient of the first of hundreds of unbidden emails from me. Each seeks something more valuable than money or political influence.

They seek your attention.

What will you get in return?

Twice weekly you’ll get 5 reasons to smile and one reason to think — and that’s just in the 1st 150 words!

Beyond that, there will be videos, book deals and exclusive news.

How much? For you, it’s free for life (mine or yours).

I’m extending you this courtesy because you’re among my favorite people on the planet. You’re friends, loved ones, core readers or meeting planners who’ve bought multiple books or hired me to speak at one of your events.

You’re welcome to opt-out at any time.

I’m doing this during an era when the brightest minds in media continue to struggle with how to make a profit from web content.

How do I intend to do it?

I’m going to rely on your enthusiasm for me and this format. I’m hopeful you’ll  to share this “Use All The Crayons!” newsletter with like-minded friends who’ll eventually understand the benefits of supporting me and what I do. I’ve been advised to charge $10-a-month.

I’ll disregard that advice and intend to charge half that or $50 a year (not you; you’re free).

I've heard from still others that coming straight out and asking readers for money never works. You know what I've learned through experience also never works? Sitting here quietly and never asking for money.

The pandemic wiped out an entire year of speaking engagements and devastated promotional opportunities for my two most recent books, particularly “Undaunted Optimist.”

But I’m characteristically optimistic that prospects are on the rebound. I believe 2021 has the potential to be one of the best years ever. 

And if it’s not?

I’ll continue to believe I’ve been incredibly blessed to have enjoyed such a preposterous career. And I believe it’s all because people like you believe in people like me.

I hope you’ll enjoy the newsletter — here’s a recent edition (theme: Space).

And I hope you’ll aggressively share and promote, and donate whenever disposable income allows.

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