"Crayons!" special edition

"Merry Christmas in July!"

I have to say I’m a little cold about Christmas in July this year. It’s been something I’ve been celebrating for at least a dozen years. But I sense the pseudo-holiday has reached a turning point. It’s becoming too commercial. The great thing about CiJ has been surprising people with a joyful no-pressure holiday when they were least expecting it. Still, not wanting to be a CiJ Scrooge, I feel compelled to give you a surprise sorta newsletter edition for one of our favorite sorta holidays.

I hope you enjoy your CiJ and keep the true meaning of the holiday near your heart. And what, to me, is that meaning? For once, you don’t have to apologize for not really giving a damn.

CiJ Video Tip of the Day

CiJ related blog, “’twas a Merry Christmas in July,” (from ’09)

Zeitgust of CiJ …

Santaclaustrophobia: The irrational and childish fear of any jolly ol’ elf.


Celebrate without fail a lavish Christmas in July. As sacred and satisfying as the holiday can be, we all recognize it could benefit from some tyrannical improvements. Simply shopping for simple Christmas in July presents and decorations and wishing clerks a Merry Christmas in July will spread a welcome jolt of holiday cheer — six full months before the stress. And be sure to remind everyone: only 97 shopping days until April Fool’s in November!

Ask children if they believe it ever bothered Jesus His birthday was the same day as Christmas.

Q: What should they call those of us who prefer real, live Christmas trees to artificials? A: Saps!

News reports of homes being ransacked always make colorful people wonder if the suspect is Santa, a man who runs with sacks.

Q: What does it mean when you hear, "Hoot! Hoot!" coming from a nearby tree this time of year? 

A: Owl be home for Christmas.

Knock knock.

Who's there?


Javier who?

Javier-self a Merry little Christmas!

Christmas morning convinces me of the need for a used storage container shop. You could call it "Has Bins!”

The Christmas season inspires so many questions: Was the virgin birth real? Is Jesus the true son of God? Will there ever be peace on Earth? I have a question: How did Charlie Brown ever get that sweater over his huge bulbous head?

In striving to be all inclusive and non-confrontational during the War on Christmas I will henceforth wish people a Happy ALLidays. I want people of ALL beliefs to enjoy ALL holidays. Soo ... Happy ALLidays!

May you have a Merry Christmas in July clear up until the seasonal sentiment becomes more contemporary in, oh, about another week or so …

’tis the season so c’mon! and give Give! Give!

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