"Use All The Crayons!" newsletter no. 74

Today's theme ... "Colors"

Here’s a “backstage” clip from my Wednesday Zoom presentation to the Golf Heritage Society. It’s the off-color story that most cracked up Arnold Palmer.

Today’s blog post: “What happened when I told a black man they all looked alike.”

Today’s Instagram: Who tells time?

Reader Letter of the Week …

I just finished reading my friend’s copy of your great “Use All the Crayons!” Loved it! I am coming to PA this week and would like several books. A copy of the above one for me. And I have a friend Donna who has breast cancer and I would like a copy of the “Undaunted Optimist” for her. BTW, I have it and it is great — Funny & inspirational!. I would also like the same book for my friend Dave who has lung cancer. Maybe it will help each of them ‘persevere’ as they go through their treatments.

Al R., Charlotte, N.C.

Today’s theme: Colors

Colorful Living Tip of the Day …

• Start a “Go Green! Run All the Reds!” movement by writing a letter to the local paper advocating motorists start running red lights when no one is near. There are plenty of rural red lights that should not be obeyed as long as no one is coming. It saves gas, saves time, and gives you a little triumph over a machine that cannot reason the way you can.

Relatables …

• Does the CIA consider it a red flag when countries choose to fly red flags?

• I woke up today again wondering if the Constitution for Concord grapes begins, "We the purple …”

• “Nights in White Satin" is a '67 song by Moody Blues. "Knights in White Satin" is a preposterous battle strategy doomed to fail.

• I wish I were a famous Hollywood director so one day I could shoot a scene with Robert Redford driving a red Ford.

• News that a gray whale migrated a record 14,000 miles should convince some enterprising real estate agent it’s time for gray whales to consider relocating.

Unrelateds …

• I wonder how many angels regret they weren't more human when they were still human.

• The only time my daughters let me in a picture with them it appears I'm photobombing a picture of them.

• If you combine all the time I spend waiting for computers to load properly, I could have probably invented a computer that loads properly.

Zeitgust Word of the Week (a word I made up with the goal of getting it into an actual  dictionary) …


An amateur cinematographer, usually a male who was involved in the act of conception, who in a hospital delivery room spends his time recording all the intimate details of a child’s birth; resulting film is bornography.

Related blog post …

“‘Use All The Crayons!’ hits the road: Omaha,” (“Jan., 16) …

I’d been standing smack dab in the middle of Aksarben, Nebraska, when I was informed of why Aksarben, Nebraska, was bound to become one of my favorite palindromes. Aksarben is Nebraska spelled backwards! I marvel that at one time way back in 1895 there was a man or woman so silver-tongue persuasive he or she was able to convince community leaders that spelling Nebraska bass-ackwards was a better idea than naming their budding town something pansy pious like Purity or Virtue.

(Full story here)

Concluding thought …

•  Be positive and associate yellow as sunny, not surrender. And paint the walls in at least one room yellow to remind you of sunshine on even the dreary days of winter.

• Author’s note …

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