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Today’s post: “Thoughts on dinosaur sex

This week’s “Use All The Crayons!” colorful living tips Instagram medley.

This is international motivational speaker Gair Maxwell interviewing me for 20 minutes about my Arnold Palmer book. He’s very flattering towards me and calls my Palmer book, “Fantastic. Maybe the best book ever!” Being humble, I demurred and said it’s maybe the “best book since the Bible.” Here’s the link — and this time I mean it!

Today’s theme: Jurassic

• Ponder that given the dietary challenges paleolithic cavemen faced, how surprising it is Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble were tubby. And, yeah, that they had time to bowl, too.

• Dedicated paleontologists are always looking for a bone to pick.

• Ask paleontologists if they know what cavemen called house flies.

• I wonder if any of the forward-thinkers at PETA have game-planned a pro-active position paper anticipating Jurassic scenarios where the organization defends the dinosaur's absolute right to roam free in the cities and the countrysides.

• I wonder if cavemen and women woke up each morning and asked each other how they slept or if they had other priorities.

• How did cavemen and women get around that whole no-doors thingie when they wanted to tell a good prehistoric knock-knock joke?

Unrelateds …

• I’m still wrestling with the idea of having to earn a living. Being born entitled me to living and, by God, I intend to truly live.

• I have to imagine a country named Togo has really great take-out food.

• Unforeseen climate change consequence is polar bears will soon need row boats. It's going to be toughest on row boat salespeople.

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"How dino breeding will end world hunger" (June ’15)

I’m convinced mankind will end world hunger when we begin to successfully breed dinosaurs. Do you have any idea how many quarter-pound dino burgers comprise your typical 7.5 ton Tyrannosaurus Rex? I don’t know if the number bajillion is real, but it’s bound to be something like a bajillion. As you can tell, I’m excited about the Friday opening of “Jurassic World.”

Zeitgust Word of the Week (a word I made up with the goal of getting it into an actual dictionary) …

Stork . . . Raving . . . Mad! A better, more emotionally emphatic phrase to describe the condition known as “post-partum depression; the mental unbalance that afflicts many women after giving birth.

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