"Use All The Crayons!" newsletter No. 97

Today's theme ... "Weekend"

Today’s theme: “Weekend”

Today’s blog post, “When drinkin’ buddies become problem drinkers

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• Video of the Week: “My best Enquirer stories …” Recorded Nov. 5, at the Sewickley Men’s Social Club.

Weekend …

• Spend a weekend willing yourself to blink more slowly. That way you’ll be better prepared to savor all the wonders everyone says go by in the blink of an eye.

• Bible says our bodies are temples. On Friday nights, mine is more like a honky tonk. Some beer's been spilled, some of the furniture is busted & it smells kinda funny. But the folks are friendly, the peanuts are free and the good music never ends.

• Studies show thinking about taking a nap is sometimes as refreshing as taking an actual nap. Try to conjure the same sort of magic for things like the Friday happy hour.

• Designate one weekend a month “Opposites Weekend,” and do the exact opposite of what you normally do. Call different friends, read different newspapers and magazines, think different thoughts.

• I so love the word "hanky-panky" I'm devoting weekend to finding useful meanings for hinky-pinky, henky-penky, honky-ponky & hunky-punky.

• “... and on the seventh day, He rested." See, God may have created Heaven and Earth, but in His infinity wisdom He knew better than to create a lawn that would need mowing every Sunday.

• If you’re going to go to the trouble of getting out of bed and getting dressed on a Sunday morning to attend church, be sure to pay attention and don’t let your mind wander. Don’t be one of those Bored Again Christians

Unrelated …

• I know it's unrefined for someone who aspires to sophistication of manners, but I sometimes wolf down my meals. My daughters are far daintier. It's more like they poodle theirs down. "Poodle Down!" would be a great name for some don't ask/don't tell military rom-com.

• It’s entirely possible to kick a squirrel right in the nuts and hurt only his feelings. Hers, too.

• When even the mundane are deemed worthy of demonization Hell itself becomes pedestrian.

• Because it would suggest modernization and would require the change of just a handful of letters, I suggest we change the name of the Walter Reed Army Medical Center to the Walter O'Reilly Army Medical Center.

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