"Use All The Crayons!" newsletter No. 98

Today's theme ... "Thanksgiving & Family Gatherings"

Today’s theme: “Thanksgiving & Family Gatherings”

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• Video of the Week: “What did you think of Chris (in 20 seconds or less ) …” from ’14 and still one of my most popular videos (with cameos by Arnold Palmer, Bill Clinton and Boris Yeltsin).

• Zeitgust Word of the Week (a word I made up with the goal of getting it into an actual dictionary) …

Fauxksiness: The contrived characteristic displayed by a man or woman, usually one with a political bent, determined to appear in synch with the popular feelings common folk.

Thanksgiving & Family Gatherings

• It’s borderline sacrilegious but I request you include in your Thanksgiving blessing a prayer that God mention to Tom Petty that we really miss him.

• Ask friends if the nation of Turkey has a national bird.

• Optimists understand phrase "familiarity breeds contempt" is not absolute. Often is the case that familiarity breeds family.

• Families are God's way of proving we're incapable of helping even those we love the very most.

• Daughter, 16, said she wants to have a big family. What she means is she wants to choose who's in her family.

• It is one of our greatest paradoxes, but a really big family can also serve as one of nature's most affirmative contraceptives.

Unrelated …

• Practicing Catholics who car pool to worship are engaged in Mass transit.

• If all the people who so casually remark to relative strangers, "Now, I'm not racist, but ..." suddenly and inexplicably become racist, man, I fear America could be in for some real problems over race.

• The most significant stressor we face in our daily lives involves giving the false impression we remain stress-free in a world that is full to bursting with people who are absolutely stressed out of their minds.

• Ham & eggs. Bacon & eggs. Steak & eggs. They roll right off -- and on -- the tongue. How come you never see a menu offering chicken & eggs? Chicken is one of our most popular & versatile dishes. Is there a squeamishness about about consuming a species' circle of life on 1 plate?