"Use All The Crayons!" newsletter no. 37

Today's theme ... "Guns"

Today’s theme: Gun

Colorful Living Tip of the Day …

• Gun violence legislation compromise: Anyone, anywhere is allowed to carry a loaded gun anyplace: schools, churches, airplanes, etc. But you only get one bullet. Use or lose your bullet and in addition to any existing laws, you need to stand before a judge and explain what happened to your bullet before you get another bullet. This would drastically reduce mass casualty events and rage murders where drunken spouses typically miss with the first four or five bullets.

Related …

• With so many people seeking to carry concealed weapons, I tried to figure how many times I'd shoot myself each week if I carried. I figure three.

• Which will come 1st: a gun that shoots pictures or a smart phone that shoots bullets? And how many will die before bugs worked out?

• Always amused when officials at mass shooting du jour rule out terrorism. Like we're supposed to be relieved it's just some angry white dude.

• I wonder if sharp bullets hurt less upon penetration than blunt ones and I wonder how long, given gun sales, it'll be before I find out.

• The AK 47, one of the deadliest guns ever made, is capable of firing 600 bullets per minute. And right now someone is working on an AK 48.

• I’m so convinced I'll one day die of random gunfire I'm thinking of getting a bullseye chest tattoo just to give the morgue folks a good story.

• I wonder how many sassy men have died of mortal gunshot wounds seconds after uttering the identical last words, “Ha! Ha! Missed me!”

Zeitgust Word of the Week (a word I made up with the goal of getting it into an actual  dictionary) …

Confanity:The boring, inoffensive over-dubbed words actors like James Gandolfini must mouth to make shows like “The Sopranos” acceptable for networks like A&E; profanity in an audio disguise.

Related blog post …

“Reduce gun violence: Enforce 2nd Amendment” (from ’12)

Gun violence will be reduced when America decides to enforce what is to me the key phrase of the 27-word 2nd Amendment, so revered by our nation’s gun nuts. And that’s mostly everyone who owns a gun. They love their guns and believe their guns are essential to their soulful peace of mind. I understand those feelings. I feel the same way about my family. Where we differ is I’d never in a drunken or pre-meditated rage use my wife or one of our daughters to kill someone else. The things I love do not take life. They exalt it.

(Full story here)

Oddly enough …“A real killer bar: Bellingham, WA, tavern’s regulars included Ted Bundy, two other notorious serial killers”

Regulars at the Waterfront Seafood & Bar seem intent on making a good impression. The only problem is that for a bloody few a "good impression" has always meant a really deep dent in the skull. The Bellingham, Washington, saloon is the homicidal nexus for three of America's most notorious serial killers -- Ted Bundy, Hillside Strangler Kenneth Bianchi and alleged D.C. sniper John Muhammad -- and they were all considered good customers.

(See full story here)

Concluding words (trio) …

• It’s one of music's most tragic ironies that the man who sang, "All You Need Is Love," actually could have used a bullet-proof vest.

• Experts agree Parkland making a difference to adults in Washington sensing maybe -- just maybe -- our gun laws might need tweaking. So to you hundreds of victims from Sandy Hook, Orlando, Vegas, Columbine, Blacksburg, etc ... Thanks for nothing!

• In America's tedious gun violence debate, the only thing that changes are the names on the tombstones.

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