"Rainy Days & Mondays"

Very dreary here today. Has me thinking of the ’71 ballad “Rainy Days & Mondays” by the Carpenters. I once started an argument with a tradesman over who was the all-time greatest carpenter. He said Jesus, which is the obvious choice. I told him the greatest carpenter of all-time was Karen, which infuriated him. Sure Jesus is the Savior and rose from the dead, but I contend if He’d have been a competent carpenter He wouldn’t have had the time to save our souls. On the other hand Karen was a true Carpenter. And you can look this up, but in 1975, an era when great rock was ubiquitous, Roiling Stone magazine readers didn’t pick John Bonham, Keith Moon or Ringo Starr as the greatest drummer. They picked Karen Carpenter. I’ve read that Bonham was infuriated, which indicates to me he was either hyper-competitive or took gag polls way too seriously.

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